Hello, I'm Asaf, an experienced and enthusiastic graphic designer based in London. Visual brand identity, typography and illustration are my main areas of practice both in print and digital. With a multicultural background and a wide set of technical skills, I bring open-minded creative thinking, awareness and curiosity to any project.

In my free time I enjoy photography (having a good observation skill is very valuable for me as a creative), music and film (not just watching and listening, but  understanding the background, history and process of it), food (from simple to complex, a good bite can trigger all the senses into the ultimate emotional experience) and technology (because at the end of the day, innovation is what keeps us moving forward and evolve as human beings).

I’m always ready to apply my skills, creativity and enthusiasm to new challenges and exciting opportunities. If you would like to know more, you are very welcome to contact me through my Email, Linkedin or Instagram.

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