Sun Kil Moon / Benji

Album packaging
Non-official packaging concept for Sun Kil Moon’s 2014 album ‘Benji’. Mark Kozelek, the man behind this folk rock band is known for sharing with the audience his personal life stories in a unique way; his singing sound almost like he speaks and the lyrics describe in detail without any filters or self-censorship (just like talking to your best friend) his most intimate experiences, fears and hopes. The outcome of this project captures the dark atmosphere, sound and stories shared in this album, interpreted from my own perspective. Typographically, I chose to use two different style of typefaces (soft hand written and mechanical typewriter style) that positioned one on top of another as if they compete for the viewer attention the same way as Mark's singing through the album, gets a reverb effect that makes us hear the lyrics twice in a layering effect on top of the next sentence. The images chosen carefuly to give a clue about the songs subjects without giving away all the story.

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