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‘Hummus - Dip into the history of a conflict’ is the outcome of my typographic exploration for the 2018 International Society of Typographic Designers brief ‘Food For Thought’.

Hummus is a fundamental feature of Levantine cuisine. A simple, everyday dish consumed across different countries and cultures. In Israel (where I was born and raised), Lebanon and Palestine it is considered a national dish. As a basic culinary component shared by countries who are often on hostile terms, Hummus has acquired in recent years a symbolic political dimension that reflects the complicated cultural and political history of the Israeli state and society.

The art direction takes inspiration from the rich visual language of Middle-Eastern Islamic patterns, ornaments and calligraphy, Jewish biblical manuscripts the street markets and the 'Hummusiya' (the Hebrew term for Israeli local Hummus restaurants).
The challenge in this project was the combination of three languages with different writing systems (Hebrew, Arabic and English) and allow them to co-exist by creating clear layout, grids, and rules that control all three on the page, yet keep it playful and engaging for the viewer.

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