NatWest - Cricket #No Boundaries

Ad campaign
Agency: M&C Saatchi
CDs: Matt Collier and Wayne Robinson

Back in 2019, England hosted the Cricket Ashes and World Cup, two of the world’s biggest cricket events. As NatWest had been the main sponsor of English cricket for the past 38 years, they approached M&C Saatchi to help them highlight their support of the game. The result was the award-winning campaign, ‘Freddie vs Freddie’.

As part of the campaign, I was responsible for designing a set of 12 humoristic cross-track posters based on the idea of cricketing ‘wagon-wheels’, strategically positioned in the Oval and St John’s Wood tube stations to target the cricket fan crowds throughout the period of the games. The ‘wagon-wheels’ graphics were also used on NatWest Cricket social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter, reacting with live tweets during the matches.

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