Would you like my seat?

Supporting commuters with non-visible disabilities
A person with a disability using public transport can face struggles during their every day commuting. Having non-visible disabilities makes it even harder task. In recent years TFL attempt to solve the issue in different ways. The latest was In 2018, when they launched a wearable pin badge for people with disabilities stating ‘Please offer me a seat’. Research showed that a person with a disability may not feel comfortable asking for a seat and can even be challenged to explain their disability or the reason they want/need the seat. With this insight in mind, M&C Saatchi initiated a project in collaboration with organisations for the disabled intend to tackle the topic from a different perspective: developing badges for non-disabled commuters indicating that they are willing to offer a seat to a person who need it, thus making it easier for a person with a disability to approach and ask.
In this project I was responsible for the design and development of the visual identity and graphic elements Including the badge, card packaging and campaign.

As of February 2020 this project is still a WIP.

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