Would you like my seat?

Identity Design
Supporting commuters with non-visible disabilities on public transport

Agency: M&C Saatchi
CDs: Jordan Morris and Danny Jones

A person with a disability using public transport can face struggles during their everyday commuting. Having a non-visible illness or condition makes it an even harder task. In recent years TFL has attempted to solve this important issue in different ways. The latest was In 2018, when they launched a wearable pin badge for people with temporary or long-term disabilities stating ‘Please offer me a seat’. Recent research showed that a person with a disability may not feel comfortable asking for a seat and can even be challenged to explain their condition or the reason they want/need the seat.

With this insight in mind, M&C Saatchi initiated a project in collaboration with charities and organisations for the disabled aiming to tackle the topic from a different perspective: developing a badge for non-disabled commuters indicating that they are willing to offer their seat to a person who needs it, thus making it easier for a person with a disability to approach and ask. 

In this project I was responsible for the design and development of the visual identity and elements Including a pin badge, card packaging and campaign promotions.

Icon key design development 

(01) Ideation and exploration based on the CDs concept of hand gesture/support

(02) Refinement of selected concept through simplification of form to final version

Pin badge key design development 

(01) Reaching out

(02) Switching positions - one stands while the other sits

(03) Support and care

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